Important Message
IN LINE WITH CURRENT SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT TIER 4 RULES - OUR SALES TEAM ARE IN PLACE TO OFFER CLICK & COLLECT, AND CAN ARRANGE FREE VEHICLE DELIVERY WITHIN AYRSHIRE - CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION - We are proud to let you know about our initiative ‘Be Safe at VTC’. In-line with the government guidelines we have invested heavily in PPE, Signage and Sanitizing Products.

Sales Terms and Conditions

At VTC we sell older & higher mileage vehicles. These vehicles are more likely to develop faults than younger & low mileage vehicles. Faults that develop after the point of sale are the owners' responsibility. Older & higher mileage vehicles are more likely to develop faults than newer & lower mileage vehicles. If you want to reduce the chance of faults, then we would advise you to buy a newer & lower mileage vehicle, or a brand new vehicle.

This vehicle is sold without any inherent major mechanical faults unless stated & accepted.

Any Warranty given (7 Days or 1 month/1,000 miles, whichever is sooner) covers major mechanical parts only and will be strictly adhered to.

When a fault occurs after the warranty has expired, VTC will not contribute towards repair costs.

VTC is a "Trade" seller, not a "Retail" seller and as such we do not carry out any service work to any vehicle prior to purchase in order to keep our prices lower.

This means that your vehicle needs to be serviced. Until it is, it will not be in the best possible condition. Until you get it serviced there may be minor issues relating to a lack of servicing. It is your responsibility to get your vehicle serviced and, until you do so, your vehicle will not be in proper condition for regular road use.

*Your warranty does not cover items that a "Service" would improve.


Be aware that as this vehicle has been previously used as a "commercial" vehicle, we will only warrant the Engine, Gearbox & Transmission. These are the only "covered par". Nothing else will be covered. As this has been used as a "commercial vehicle" it has most likely been exposed to a harder & heavier working life and as such will more likely suffer from greater wear & tear. Thus we are unable to offer any guarantee, other than the Engine, Gearbox & Transmission.